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About Message Boards

    Tulsa County Online's Message Boards exist primarily to give Tulsa County residents a greater voice in the community: to air opinions & concerns, ask advice & make suggestions. In addition to participation in the Community Associations and voting in local elections, the Tulsa County Online Message Boards let residents speak out at length, network, inform, vent, and laugh together over posts covering every aspect of life in the Tulsa County and beyond.


    • Create a sense of community
      Although anyone may read the posts, only registered members can reply to or start Message Board threads. The reason for this requirement is to ensure the Message Boards won’t be exploited or spammed. Read our Forum Policies for more information.


    • Keep up with local issues
      The Tulsa County Online Message Boards are a great place to keep in touch with the issues and 'hot topics' of the community - from the comfort of your home or office.


Getting the Most from Conroe Today


    While Tulsa County Online is a Community Portal by definition, the Message Boards is a very personal and unique means of participating in the community. The more that Tulsa County  residents participate, the more valuable that participation becomes . . . both for each resident and for the community as a whole.


    • Discuss issues important to you
      The Tulsa County Online Message Boards is the perfect forum to bring important issues to the attention of your neighbors and/or to public officials. Chances are if an issue or concern is significant to you, others will want to know about it too.


    • Participate on your schedule
      Unlike online chat rooms, the Tulsa County Online Message Boards don't require you to be constantly online to get the most out of your involvement.
Conroe Today Cares About Your Online Privacy


    At Tulsa County Online, we respect and safeguard the information that our site users have entrusted to us. Tulsa County Online will neither share nor provide specific user information to any third party for any purpose, either commercial or otherwise, unless required by law. As both your neighbors and fellow site users, privacy issues are a paramount concern of ours.


    • Your Message Boards identity options
      The Tulsa County Online Message Boards allow participants to reveal their personal identity if they wish, but also allow use of 'handles' for identification purposes. In all cases, your personal 'reply to' email address is never displayed.


    • Registered Member Information Privacy
      The personal information that we require from registered users is the minimum necessary to verify that you live in our community (name and phone number) and to efficiently notify and inform you of account information for listing renewal (email address). We also request general information on where you live (city, zip code, state, neighborhood) for advertising demographics, and your age to comply with the Child Online Protection Act (over/under age 17).

    Tulsa County Online really does care about your privacy. For more information please read our Privacy Policy and Site Terms of Use.

Conroe Today Advertising

    Are you taking advantage of the area's most visited and comprehensive online Message Boards? Tulsa County Online provides local businesses and organizations with a variety of e-Business Marketing Solutions to economically and successfully present their products and services to area residents in ways that were not possible before the Internet. Compared to print and broadcast alternatives, our programs offer the best visibility and value for your marketing investment.


    • Message Boards Section Sponsorship
      The Tulsa County Online Message Boards section can be sponsored by your business. You can gain the recognition and visibility the comes with providing such a valuable and useful service to our local residents.


    • Need to Get Your Message Out to a Broad Cross-Section of Area Residents?
      Message Boards Home and Topic/Thread pages are among the most viewed web pages in the Tulsa County area as well as on Tulsa County Online. Banner ads placed on these pages are assured of visibility throughout the community.

    For more information, please View our Media Kit, or request more information online.

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